Pacific University Study on HVIDPUchart

Pacific University recently conducted a study on corneal diameter and findings indicate that 27% of contact lens fits fall outside the standard parameters and would benefit from a small or large diameter.  This supports our weekly and
bi-weekly modalities that are available in small (13.6) and large (14.2) diameters:

Extreme H2O Weekly and Extreme H2O 54.


Additional HVID Findings

To further substantiate the above findings, we conducted our own internal clinical evaluation of HVID and comfort.  Utilizing our account base, more than 450 patients were measured and asked to rate the comfort level of their contact lens.  Like Pacific University, our findings showed that 25% of patients fall outside standard parameters.  In addition, we found that these 25% of patients had comfort issues.  37% of patients with HVID < 11.3 and 53% of patients with HVID > 12.3 reported a level of discomfort with their contact lenses.