How many referrals did you lose last year? 


Figure it out for your practice.  The contact lens drop out rate has averaged 16% to 30% for years.  How many of these patients have not referred your practice?  The good news is that you can reverse this number.  The main reason patients drop out of contact lenses is due to comfort - we have comfort covered.

Stop drop out rates and gain referrals along the way.  Our unique fitting options will enable you to get a perfect fit on your patients for long lasting comfort.  You'll gain a contact lens wearer for life. 

 Problem    Solution Contact Lens
 Patient Fit / Needs  
 Large cornea / HVID >  12.3                     

 Extreme H2O Weekly 14.8

 The only non-custom large diameter                  

 Small cornea / tight lids / HVID < 11.3  Extreme H2O Weekly 13.6 / Extreme H2O 54 13.6
 The only non-custom small diameter options
 Unique cornea shape  Extreme H2O Monthly - three base curves for an optimum fit
 Discomfort due to dryness  All H2O Products are made with GMA / HEMA  material that
 loses little or no water on the eye.  This hydration gives
 patients all-day comfort and dry eye relief.