Specialty Disposable Contact Lenses with Outstanding Comfort and Clarity

Extreme H2O offers options that are not readily available from other manufacturers and provide solutions for patients with specific fitting needs.  Our products are unique in material, diameters and patient specificity.  From a 13.6 diameter for patients with small corneas, to a 14.8 "sports" lens for your athletes, Extreme H2O provides a solution and improves comfort.  All of our lenses are designed to ensure proper fit, visual acuity, and end-of-day comfort. 


Extreme H2O Contact Lenses

Complement your current contact lens business by providing a solution for your patients with specific fitting needs and those that drop out of wearing contact lenses.

2020 Patient Rebates

Patients save $50 on Extreme H2O disposable contact lenses.  Click here see requried quantities and to to download the 2020 rebate form.

Size Matters

Studies indicate that standard parameters won't work for everyone.  To ensure the right fit on your patients, you need small and large diameter options.




Watch why people stop wearing stop wearing contact lenses - and how Extreme H2O with three diameter opotions helps to improve comfort and the overall wearing experince.